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Project Overview

The company was awarded three exploration licences over the Grimeli Project in July 2014. The licences are valid for seven years.

The three exploration permits cover a total of 30 sq km including two previously producing copper mines known as the Grimeli mine and the smaller Vågendal mine in western Norway; 

The larger Grimeli copper mine is located 300m from the coast and was last operational in 1917 when it produced high grade copper ore which was exported for smelting; 

The Grimeli mine is actually thought to be three separate mines. Two mines, the Upper and Lower, are partially accessible and have been surveyed and sampled by Kodal Minerals. The mine know as the Western mine is not accessible however its approximate location and orientation has been identified from surface features and old reports. The three mines were not connected, collectively they are referred to as the Grimeli mine.

The Vågendal copper mine is located 7 km to the east of Gremeli and was mined between 1871 and 1880; 

The Norwegian Geological Survey (“NGU”) completed surface geophysics over the copper mines in 1979 and 1981 and calculated non-compliant estimates of approximately 1.5 million tonnes of ore at Grimeli and 700,000 tonnes at Vågendal; 

The Company has traced a surface gossan for 1.6 km east toward Vågendal from Grimeli, encountering several historic test pits in the process before losing the trace.