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Kodal is focused on building shareholder value through the identification and advancement of mineral projects. 

The Company has a dual focus on lithium and gold – providing investors with exposure to two unique commodities with complementary demand fundamentals.  Lithium has been identified by the Board as a priority commodity, with highly attractive supply/demand fundamentals bolstered by the rapid uptake in lithium-ion batteries over recent years.  With lithium demand forecast to be increasing dramatically in the near- and mid- term, the Board is confident that development of its high-grade lithium assets represents a compelling investment opportunity for shareholders. 

Gold, the Company’s second commodity focus, has long been considered the perennial store of value for many investors, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty.  Concurrent development of both lithium and gold interests provides investors with exposure to a high demand commodity with a significant growth trajectory together with a safe haven store of value.

In addition to the developing projects independently, the Kodal team will also source experienced and well-resourced mining operators as joint venture partners to drive their development.  To date, Kodal has agreements in place with producing listed mining companies, Newcrest Mining Limited ("Newcrest") and Resolute Mining Limited ("Resolute"), to expend up to US$4.7million in Cote d’Ivoire.  Newcrest has agreed an earn-in of 75% interest in the Dabakala concession by incurring exploration expenditure of US$1.7 million, while Resolute has the right to earn a 75% interest in the Nielle and Tiebissou concessions and M’Baihaikro application, through the expenditure of US$3 million over four years.

The Company also has a number of legacy interests in Norway including the Kodal phosphate and iron deposit in the south of the country and the copper focussed Grimeli Project in west. 

Kodal Minerals was incorporated in England and Wales on 13 April 2010 with registered number 07220790. The Company is headquartered in London with subsidiaries in Bermuda, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Norway.